Book Tour–Day Three: Rebecca’s Writing Service

BookTour3Written in Ruberah Book Tour

Day Three, March 5, 2014

Three things I keep in mind as I write in the paranormal romance genre
1) The romance drives the story.
2) Build strong characters with realistic conflicts.
3) Know the mythology upon which you base your story.

Read more about each of these at:


Cornish, lover of enlightenment, risk, fish & chips on Mevagissey pier, devoted globe trotter. I write for the joy of discovery. An idea burns inside me and characters leap into my imagination. I turn their desires inside out to learn the truth that drives them. I publish to share that journey with others.

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2 comments on “Book Tour–Day Three: Rebecca’s Writing Service
  1. Christina, thanks for sharing your book with my readers. I love the button you made here. Please tell me how you made it.

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