The Benefits of A Book Tour


Follow me on my book tour for my new novel, Written in Ruberah, all through the month of March, 2014

You wrote a book. You survived the self-publishing process. You worry about your novel getting lost in the Amazon jungle. What if people never find it? “Market your book,” blazes on your conscience. You’re probably working social media, but what else can you do?

“Do a book tour,” another writer suggested.

So I sent my novel Written in Ruberah on a virtual tour for the month of March making twenty stops on websites appealing to readers and writers of paranormal romance and fantasy. I cringed at the slew of guest blogs and author interviews I would have to write and return within a few weeks.

Writing for a book tour requires focusing on the topic given, while considering the audience of the host site. After a while, I began to enjoy this experience. I felt a sense of connection to other readers and writers. I’m used to writing novels, which take several years to complete. Working with a deadline helped me hone my writing skills.

As books sales come hard for the self-published author, I’m always looking for how writing improves my life. Having blogs on twenty different websites for my book tour brings me a feeling of being an active member in the booklover community.

Linda Leon arranged the book tour for Written in Ruberah. Contact her at:


Born in Mevagissey, a small fishing village on the coast of Cornwall, UK, Christina formed an early love for the mystical legends of that rugged land, and wrote little stories of her own. While at boarding school, Christina liked to spin the globe of the world in the library and imagine herself visiting those lands. Pursing this dream, she worked in advertising in London and New York, did some fashion modeling in Paris, and partnered in a frog farm in Costa Rica. In 2009 Christina published her first novel, "Dream Chaser—Awakening," followed by "Written in Ruberah: Age of Jeweled Intelligence," and most recently "Time Blade: Age of Jeweled Intelligence," the second book in the AJI series. "I write for the joy of discovery. An idea burns inside me and characters leap into my imagination. I turn their desires inside out to learn the truth that drives them. I publish to share that journey with others."

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