Mistakes I made self-publishing my first book—#4 book blurb

The book blurb calls for detaching yourself from the story and looking at it from a sales point of view. Think about something you enjoy buying, like a pair of shoes. Designer names might intrigue you, as marketing experts link them to images of feeling glamorous, sexy, elegant, or kick-ass-combative. You’re in the mood for a certain type of shoe, but you’re not interested in how they were made and shipped to the store.

Readers are in a mood when they surf the web for a book. The new cover for my republished first novel Dream Chaser:Awakening shows a picture of lovers fading into the stars. This smacks of romance. The title above the back cover reads: “SLEEPING WITH THE CLIENT HAPPENS: A Story of Reckless Passion and Enduring Love.” The blurb itself hints at how that happens.

When I first published Dream Chaser the blurb revealed too much of the story. By the time you’d read it you had little need to buy the book!

If you scour the blurbs of best selling authors, you’ll notice much of the copy is about the writer’s style and previous successes. The author’s name sells the book. When self-publishing a first book it’s hard to acquire an illustrious third party quote. The cover art and the blurb must attract your target reader.

I’ve by no means conquered the art of blurb writing, but I hope my take on it is helpful to you.

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Coming next: Mistakes I did not make self-publishing my first novel.


Born in Mevagissey, a small fishing village on the coast of Cornwall, UK, Christina formed an early love for the mystical legends of that rugged land, and wrote little stories of her own. While at boarding school, Christina liked to spin the globe of the world in the library and imagine herself visiting those lands. Pursing this dream, she worked in advertising in London and New York, did some fashion modeling in Paris, and partnered in a frog farm in Costa Rica. In 2009 Christina published her first novel, "Dream Chaser—Awakening," followed by "Written in Ruberah: Age of Jeweled Intelligence," and most recently "Time Blade: Age of Jeweled Intelligence," the second book in the AJI series. "I write for the joy of discovery. An idea burns inside me and characters leap into my imagination. I turn their desires inside out to learn the truth that drives them. I publish to share that journey with others."

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