Mistakes I made publishing my first book—# 3 book cover

Dream Chaser:Awakening is a paranormal romance. While on holiday in Hawaii, the main characters look through a telescope and gaze into the Milky Way. The gaseous lights of the galaxy shine back at them from millions of years in the past illuminating the eternal nature of love. As I wrote that scene that same brilliance seemed to touch my soul and shed light on my journey through time. Ah, what a lovely experience, I thought. I want everyone to have that. Hence, I chose a photo of the Milky Way for my book cover.

I offer myself as a prime example of why authors should probably not develop their own book covers. We are too close to the story. It takes a subjective eye to create a visual expression of the novel. I’ve learned that readers invest about four seconds, at most, glancing at a book before moving on to the next one. After I published Dream Chaser and as time passed, I got a nagging feeling that I was alone in my esoteric, book-cover wonderland.

In my defense, prior to taking things into my own hands, I signed up for a cover art package with my publisher. That didn’t work for me, but it does for many authors and with excellent results. A Google search reveals a wealth of information about design and designers. The more you research those the more you will know when you’re ready to enter this process.

Image  StarsBookCoverThe redesign of Dream Chaser’s cover still features the beautiful photograph of the Milky Way, but with a picture of lovers fading into the stars. With a glance, you know Dream Chaser: Awakening is a love story. You probably guessed I wouldn’t give up this photo of the galaxy. You never know, I might have been right in the first place!

Coming next: mistake—#4. The back cover blurb.


Cornish, lover of enlightenment, risk, fish & chips on Mevagissey pier, devoted globe trotter. I write for the joy of discovery. An idea burns inside me and characters leap into my imagination. I turn their desires inside out to learn the truth that drives them. I publish to share that journey with others.

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One comment on “Mistakes I made publishing my first book—# 3 book cover
  1. conjurors says:

    My first book cover I made from clip art! I was so naïve. I’m about to release my new cover and I’m super excited as well. Best of luck to you!

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